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How to deploy Pro2?
Can I deploy Pro2 on my own? 
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Currently Pro2 deployment requires a Professional Services engagement as each environment configuration is different and requires customizations. 

At a high level a Pro2 deployment with triggers requires the following steps:
  • Either create a repl db to hold the repl tables or embed repl tables in the source database.
  • Create a DSN for the target database  
  • Edit Pro2 pf files and configure it to connect to all databases(source, target, repl)
  • Generate the target creation SQL code via the Pro2 Admin utility.
  • Run the SQL code on the target side.
  • Create the DataServer schema holder and schema image.
  • Map the tables to be replicated in the Pro2 admin utility. 
  • Generate the processor and bulk-loader libraries.
  • Generate the triggers.
  • Place triggers in a location that the application clients have access to via their PROPATH( These are clients that access and modify the source).
  • Run the replTrigInsert.p to insert triggers into the new databases( Make sure there aren't any existing replication triggers as this will require the triggers to be merged)
  • Create tasks in the task scheduler to auto start the Pro2 threads. 
References to Other Documentation:

Further information can be found in the Pro2 user guide and implementation guide under the Pro2 install directory.  
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