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Restarting Server writes license expired message in the CcServer log

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Article Number000097965
EnvironmentProduct: Corticon Server
Version: 5.6.1.x,5.7.2
OS: Linux
Database: N/A
Browser: N/A
Application Server: Tomcat 8
Question/Problem Description
When CcLicense.jar uploaded from WebConsole, restarting Server writes following error in the CcServer.log.
It repeats every time the server is restarted.
Steps to Reproduce1. Install 5.7.2 using axis.war on Tomcat
2. Upload valid license using WebConsole
3. Restart Tomcat.
4. Error logged in the CcServer.log
5. Error logging repeated whenever server restarted.
Clarifying Information
Even though there is no functional impact, The error message shows the License is expired.
Error MessageERROR [localhost-startStop-1] Cc com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.impl.CcServerImpl - This Product is licensed to: Evaluation
Progress Corticon Server license has expired.
Please contact Customer Support to receive a valid Key.
Defect/Enhancement NumberDefect COR-6232
Fixed in hot fix and
Refer to 000087788, "Where are the Corticon 5.7.x.x hotfix files located on ESD?" for 5.7.x.x hot fix download and install instructions.
Last Modified Date11/11/2019 9:27 AM