What is the purpose for -bf when running Progress probkup?


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What is the purpose for -bf when running Progress probkup?
How can I improve performance for the Progress probkup command?
How can I improve performance for the OpenEdge probkup command?
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The -bf is one of the options that can be used for a Progress / OpenEdge probkup.
The -bf parameter can be used for both online and offline Progress backups.

The syntax of the option is as follows: -bf n
Where "n" indicates an integer value specifying the blocking factor for writing data output to the backup device. The blocking factor specifies how many blocks of data are buffered before being transferred to the backup device. The primary use for this parameter is to improve the transfer speed to devices by specifying that the data is transferred in amounts optimal for the particular backup device.

The default for the blocking factor parameter is 34.

The maximum value is 1024.

Newer devices (hard drives, tape drives, etc) may be able to handle large values for -bf and may improve overall performance.
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