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Upgrade Corticon from one major release/service pack/hot fix to another

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TitleUpgrade Corticon from one major release/service pack/hot fix to another
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EnvironmentProduct: Corticon
Version: 5.3.x and higher
OS: All supported platforms
Database: N/A
Browser: N/A
Application Server: All supported application servers
Question/Problem Description
What are the steps to upgrade Corticon from one major release to the next major release or to a service pack:
What are the steps to upgrade from a previous Corticon version to a newer major version?
Can Corticon 5.6 and above versions be downloaded and installed without upgrading to a previous version first?
Should Corticon versions 5.6 and above be installed as a fresh new installation? (vs an update)?
Do the Rule Assets need to be upgraded to a previous version before upgrading to the new version?
How much QA testing is required when moving from a major release to a hot fix?
Do the Corticon utilities need to be updated as well?
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Listed below are the steps to upgrade from a previous Corticon version to a newer major version:

a] Download the new installers for Studio and Server
If a service pack/update installer is available, download the service pack/update installer.

b] For 5.5 and below, first install the base Studio and Server using the Corticon installer (e.g. 5.5).
Then, install the service pack (e.g. 5.5.1) over the base install for Studio and Server
Ensure that Studio and Server are on the same version i.e. 5.5.x

If upgrading to version 5.6 or higher (6.x) using the Corticon Server or Studio installer, directly download the service pack or hot fix version of the installer to be installed (overlay installers have been eliminated starting with version 5.6). A single installer will directly install the desired version.  Therefore, there is no need to install the base level (e.g. 5.6) first before installing the service pack (e.g. 5.6.1). 

If currently have an axis.war/.ear deployed to a supported application server, then obtain the new release's axis.war/.ear within PROGRESS_CORTICON_<version> by downloading the zip file from the ESD Download Center
Note: For 6.x EAR deployment has been removed.
Reference the following for the new release's axis.war/.ear deployment:
Corticon Server 5.X sample EAR/WAR installation for different Application Servers
Corticon Server 6.x sample WAR installation for different Application Servers

c] Install the license by referencing:
How to obtain the permanent license file for Corticon Server and Studio and verify that they are applied?
How to install a new license file for Corticon 5.3.x and below?

d] Migrate all previous configurations. 
e.g. Copy from the previous installation to the new install. location for Corticon hosted on application server

e] Upgrade assets.
The Rule Assets should be upgraded to the current version.
Open the previous version assets in the new Studio version.
Save all the assets in the new Studio version. The assets are now upgraded to the new version and this change cannot be reversed.
Once the assets are saved they cannot be used or opened with the previous version. The assets can only be used in the new version.

For 5.5.x and above, the assets can, also, be automatically upgraded by referencing:

f] If using EDC/ADC, regenerate the Datasource file.

g] Make sure any additional previous JARS has been added for the Rules Project:

h] Test the rules to ensure no rule behavior/functionality has changed with the upgrade.

i] Recompile the assets to .eds using the new version utilities.
e.g. Use the Corticon Deployment Console (versions 5.7.x and below) / Multiple Compilation utilities, etc.
Basic steps to using the Corticon Multiple Compilation utility with additional .cdd deployment information

j] Deploy the compiled assets (.eds ) to Corticon Server.

k] Upgrading does not impact custom code/application code used with Corticon. There is no change required to any custom code used by Corticon.

It is not possible to estimate how much QA testing would be required upgrading from any GA version to a hot fix.
It is always recommended that users test with the version they intend to use to avoid any issues.
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