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WEBCLIENT: Full Access Needed to Application Key in Registry


TitleWEBCLIENT: Full Access Needed to Application Key in Registry
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Article Number000122033
EnvironmentProduct: Progress
Version: 9.x
Product: OpenEdge
Version: 10.x, 11.x
OS: All supported platforms
Other: WebClient
Question/Problem Description
WEBCLIENT: Full Access Needed to Application Key in Registry
What are the required permissions for WebClient Application upgrade ?
How to determine proper registry permissions for WebClient Applications ?
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Clarifying Information
Error MessageUnable to install/run <application name>. You must have full access to the Application key in the Windows Registry.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\<VendorName>\ApplicationName>. Contact your System Administrator.
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If WebClient is going to perform System Tasks while installing or updating the Application, the user must also have administrator privileges. 
IntelliStream System Tasks are defined on the Options tab of the WebClient Application Assembler. 
Since system tasks may involve copying system DLL's, registering DLL's and OCX's, etc., these operations require administrator privileges. 
The WebClient Initializer checks for administrator privileges when System Tasks are specified in the Application Configuration File AND 
A) It is the initial install of the application, or 
B) The application is being updated and the System Tasks version has changed.
Any user that did not perform the initial install of a WebClient application on a machine, must be given FULL access to the application key in the Windows Registry,

Windows 32-bit clients:

Windows 64-bit clients:

in order to update or run the WebClient application.

To query or modify registry key permissions, run regedt32.exe, navigate to the Registry key above. Choose Security > Permissions from the menu and give FULL access to the person(s) that will run the WebClient application. Administrator privileges are necessary in order to change permissions for a user.

Machine may have to be restarted for changes to take full effect, ie. directory access, for some users.

In some versions of the Windows OS it may be necessary to start the Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) using the 'Run As Administrator' option.
If using a user account to test, make sure to disable the check box next to 'protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity'.
This should allow installation of objects requiring special privileges.  If this doesn't work it may be necessary to Run As Administrator.
This happens because WebClient updates the registry key with information about the application each time it runs or updates the application, for example the Configuration File Locator information and the names of the application components it installs on the machine.

Since 10.2B it is not necessary anymore for non Administrator users to have admin permissions to the registry. 
However, it does still apply for the System Tasks when OCX files or .DLL's need to be copied and registered. 
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