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Is there a request to add more information to the current 8812 message?


TitleIs there a request to add more information to the current 8812 message?
URL NameP122560
Article Number000154520
EnvironmentProduct: Progress
Version: 9.x
Product: OpenEdge
Version: 10.x, 11.x
OS: All supported platforms
Question/Problem Description
Is there a request to add more information to the current 8812 message in the database lg file?
Currently the 8812 error message does not have sufficient information to troubleshoot the record locking conflict after the fact. 
The table name and recid needs to be known at the time of the 8812 message to resolve record locking conflicts in the application
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error MessageLock wait timeout of <n> seconds expired (8812)
(Procedure: '<procedure name>' Line:<Line Number>) Lock wait timeout of <n> seconds expired (8812)
Defect NumberEnhancement PSC00162905, PSC00362346, OCTA-8353
Enhancement Number
It was determined that the Progress Product is functioning as designed.
An enhancement to the product can be requested through the Progress Community via an Ideas submission (Please reference enhancement PSC00362346).  Customer feedback is valuable and Idea submissions are monitored by our Product Management team.  Enhancement requests are reviewed during the planning phase of each new product release and a list of the enhancements chosen for implementation can be found in the Release Notes documents that accompany each release.  Once an Idea is submitted the Progress Software Community will have the opportunity to comment on and vote for the Idea.
For detailed information on how to submit an Idea, please refer to Knowledge Base article  How to submit an idea for a Progress product enhancement.
When the client uses an AppServer or WebSpeed Agent, the Server.log file shows a correlating 8812 message with the Procedure name and line number. Refer to Article: From a Database Administrative perspective, VST's can be used: Refer to Article: From an application coding perspective: 

The STOP condition thrown by -lkwtmo which raises message 8812 can be trapped.  Refer to the following Article and related Article References in this article: Since OpenEdge 11.7, the "-catchStop 1" feature can be used to CATCH a STOP condition. Refer to Article:

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