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Where can I find the latest Service Packs and hotfixes?

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TitleWhere can I find the latest Service Packs and hotfixes?
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Article Number000165816
EnvironmentProduct: All Progress Versions
Product: All OpenEdge Versions
Version: All supported versions
Platform: All Supported Operating Systems
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How to access the current service pack from the Progress ESD site.
How to access the ESD site for Service Packs?
Where can I download Progress Service Packs?
Where to obtain Service Packs?
Where to get Progress Service Packs from ?
Where are the latest Service Packs?
Where are the Progress Service Packs located?
Where can I find the OpenEdge Service Packs?
Where to get Hotfixes?
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The Progress/OpenEdge Service packs for the latest releases can be downloaded from our ESD site. See article# 000140204, "Where is the ESD / Product Download Center?" for a direct link. 

The ESD requires a login and password. Once you log in, Service Packs for Progress Versions 8 and 9 can be found under "Service Pack" / " Progress® V8 & V9 Service Packs".  The main page "New Releases"  tab, has the latest 9.1E service packs and the service packs for 8.3E.  The other 9.1x version service packs are found by selecting the "Previous Releases" tab.

Service Packs for OpenEdge 10 / 11 can be found under "Service Pack" / "Progress® OpenEdge® 10 Service Packs" (with OpenEdge Replication). Check the Previous Releases tab for earlier service packs for the selected OpenEdge version. 

For OpenEdge 10.x and later, hotfixes are also delivered via the ESD. These can be found in the "Progress® OpenEdge® <version> Hot Fixes" section, on the page for the specific minor release.

Alternatively, use the "Product Search" and search on the exact version number to find the matching files for both service packs and hotfixes.
Example: Searching on "10.2B08" will show the service pack for the various platforms. Searching on"10.2B0848" will show the files for that hotfix instead.

For those Service packs/patches of retired, older versions that are not available on your ESD site, please contact Progress Technical Support.
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