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Run custom sql command failed 2043 error while accessing MOVEit Automation.

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TitleRun custom sql command failed 2043 error while accessing MOVEit Automation.
URL NameRun-custom-sql-command-failed-2043-error-while-accessing-MOVEit-Automation
Article Number000158005
EnvironmentProduct: MOVEit Automation (Central)
Version: All Supported Versions
OS: All Supported Platforms
Question/Problem Description
MOVEit Automation throws "Run custom sql command failed, 2043" error while accessing MOVEit Automation Admin client.
Upgraded application and facing "Run custom sql command failed 2043 error" accessing task logs.
Steps to Reproduce1) Open the MOVEit Automation Admin Console on either locally or remotely.
2) Login with the user credentials if necessary (e.g. 12.1 requires the login credentials now).
3) After a moment, the error may present.
Clarifying Information
This error usually shows up when MOVEit automation has trouble accessing the database.
Error MessageThere are a variety of sub errors with starting line: RunCustomSQL command failed: 2043

In a popup window in the Console:
RunCustomSQL Command Failed: 2043 The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. it is either closed or invalid in this context.
In the Event Viewer logs we see:
Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.
Defect/Enhancement Number
The most likely reason would be the database connectivity. This may be because the session with the database grew stale and needs to be reset in some way (e.g. a reboot of the MOVEit VM). 

Often this error presents because the MOVEit VM has not been rebooted on a regular monthly schedule. 

Occassionally the Database server itself may need to be rebooted. 

Please try the following steps to resolve:

1. Restart the MOVEit Automation service.
2. If running MySQL, Check for any MySQL crashed tables.
3. Testing/Resetting the database connection from the Database Tab of the Config utility:

1. Open Start Menu>All Programs, MOVEit Automation, then click MOVEit Automation Config.
2. Click on Database tab
3. Examine, Validate, and Edit the details and test.
4. Reboot the MOVEit Automation machine.
5. Run a Repair Install on the server to make sure the registry keys are set correctly: How do I make system restores or configuration changes take effect? Answer: Run a Repair install

If you run a Failover environment, please handle the environments appropriately: stop secondary, stop primary, reboot/start primary, reboot/start secondary. 
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