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ABL code to parse aimage scan verbose output looking for transactions with most deletes sorted in descending order.


TitleABL code to parse aimage scan verbose output looking for transactions with most deletes sorted in descending order.
URL Nameabl-code-to-parse-aimage-scan-verbose-output-looking-for-transactions-with-most-deletes-sorted-in-descending-order
Article Number000120777
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 10.x, 11.x, 12.x
OS: All supported platforms
Question/Problem Description
ABL code to parse aimage scan verbose output looking for transactions with most deletes sorted in descending order.
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         CURRENT-WINDOW             = DEFAULT-WINDOW

define variable cInputFile as char init "." no-undo format "x(70)" label "Define location of aimage scan verbose input file.".
define variable cOutputFile as char init ".\rmdel-list.txt" format "x(70)" label "Define output file for rmdel-list." no-undo.
define variable cHolder as char no-undo.
define variable tempTrid as int64 no-undo.
define variable tempDateTime as char no-undo.
define variable tempUserid as char no-undo.

define temp-table ttAINotes 
field iTrid as int64 format ">>>>>>9"
field cUserid as char format "x(20)"
field cBeginDateTime as char format "x(25)"
field iRMDel as int format ">>>>>>>>>>>9"
index indTrid as primary iTrid
index indRMDel iRMDel

update cInputFile with frame a.
update cOutputFile with frame b.

input from value(cInputFile).

    import unformatted cHolder no-error.
    /* if error-status:error then leave. */
    if length(cHolder) = 0 then next.
    if index(cHolder,"Trid") > 0 then
        tempTrid = int64(entry(2,cHolder," ")).
    if index(cHolder," 2018.") > 0 or index(cHolder," 2019.") > 0 then
        assign tempDateTime = entry(4,cHolder," ") + " " + entry(5,cHolder," ") + " " +
        entry(6,cHolder," ") + " " + entry(7,cHolder," ").
    if index(cHolder,"User ID:") > 0 then
        assign tempUserid = entry(5,cHolder," ").

    if tempTrid <> 0 and index(cHolder,"RL_RMDEL") > 0 then
        find first ttAINotes where iTrid = tempTrid  no-error.
            if Available(ttAINotes) then
                if index(cHolder,"User ID:") > 0 then
                    assign cUserid = tempUserid.
                if index(cHolder,"RL_RMDEL") > 0 then
                    assign iRMDel = iRMDel + 1.
                create ttAINotes.
                assign iTrid = int64(entry(2,cHolder," ")) 
                       cUserID = tempUserid
                       cBeginDateTime = tempDateTime.
                if index(cHolder,"RL_RMDEL") > 0 then
                       assign iRMDel = iRMDel + 1.
input close.

output to value(cOutputFile).
put unformatted "Transaction ID" at 1
                "UserID" at 20
                "Trans Start Dt/Tm" at 40
                "# RM Deletes" at 65
                skip .
for each ttAINotes where iRMDel > 0 by iRMDel descending:
    put unformatted iTrid at 1 cUserid at 20 cBeginDateTime at 40 iRMDel at 65 skip.

output close.

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