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How to use the debugger to step into code on PASOE?


TitleHow to use the debugger to step into code on PASOE?
URL Namehow-to-use-the-debugger-to-step-into-code-on-pasoe
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EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.7
OS: All Supported Platforms
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Is it possible to step into a Progress AppServer (PAS for OE) using the OpenEdge Debugger?
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In OpenEdge 11.7 debugging support for PAS applications was introduced for PASOE development environments using the oedbg.war to debug application problems.

It is possible to debug code running on Progress AppServer for OpenEdge only when running from a development environment.  Unlike the classic AppServer which provides the ability to either instantiate an instance of the Standalone Debugger directly from the executing AVM or to attach the Standalone Debugger remotely to an executing AppServer process that is enabled for debugging.

To debug on PASOE you have to start the AppServer from Developer Studio (PDSOE) using a Debug Configuration, and all debugging is done from within the Debug Perspective of PDSOE.

Steps (Note that these instructions assume that debugging has already been enabled using proDebugEnable as a machine Administrator):
  • First shut down your Progress AppServer instance.  It must be started using the below steps in order for the debugger to be effective.
  • Open a program that you're trying to debug and set a breakpoint in it by double-clicking along the left-edge of the line you wish to begin debugging on.  This will show a little dot (.) to the left of the line if you've successfully set a breakpoint.  (See below)
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  • From the Developer Studio menu, select "Run >> Debug Configurations".
  • Expand the "Progress Application Server for OpenEdge" node in the left pane and select your OE PAS instance
  • Set the appropriate properties on the property sheet (Documented at: and click Debug to start the AppServer.
  • Once the AppServer is finished starting, send a request to the AppServer and Developer Studio will switch you to the Debug Perspective when the breakpoint is encountered.
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