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Corticon 6.1 availability

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Article Number000099211
Dear Customer,

Progress Software is proud to announce the release of Corticon 6.1! With this release, we have introduced major new features, improved usability and fixed many known defects. See the Corticon documentation for more details:

Corticon 6.1 release highlights

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Access
Corticon 6.1 adds a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM datasource, allowing you to utilize the power of Corticon rules in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications. Invoke rules from Dynamics CRM applications using the Corticon REST API and your rules now have full CRUD access to your Dynamics CRM data. With Corticon you can define, document, validate and automate the complex business logic for your Dynamics CRM applications.

Vocabulary Generation
Corticon 6.1 allows you to accelerate project development by generating your rule vocabulary from existing data sources. The data models defined in your SQL databases or REST services can be used to create or update a rule vocabulary. You can even create a rule vocabulary from multiple data sources. This new feature can save weeks in the development of new projects and helps ensure your rule vocabulary is in sync with your business data models.

New Rulesheet Operators
Corticon 6.1 adds new rulesheet operators, bringing more power and flexibility to your rules. Included is a set regular expression operators allowing you to perform complex string matches and text replacement. With 6.1 you can easily filter data that is incomplete such as missing email addresses, conditionalize rule execution on string patterns, or normalize data by replacing string patterns with predefined values.

Expanded Datasource Support
Corticon 6.1 allows you to use your own JDBC driver with Corticon’s existing data access capabilities. This opens access to new datasources not natively supported by Corticon.

Further details of these and other changes can be found in the “New in Corticon 6.1” documentation available on the Corticon information hub. Please discuss any questions regarding this release with Progress Technical Support using the SupportLink portal at

Best regards,
Product Management, Progress Corticon
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