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Error "hide-page" was not found. (293)

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EnvironmentOpenEdge 10.2B
All Supported Operative System
Question/Problem Description
Error  "hide-page” was not found. (293)
Application makes use makes use of calls to ‘view-page’ and ‘hide-page’ .
Application was migrated from 10.1B to 10.2B, after recompiling the code the error appeared.
No error generated from ‘view-page’, just ‘hide-page’.
Customer is using a third party application along with their reports, this third party application has been recently changed from 9.1E to OpenEdge 10.2B.
The application consists of mostly reports written ‘non-smart’ or ADM1, possibly some ADM2.
Can it be that the two OpenEdge installations are interacting in some way and affecting the compiled code?
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
The hide-page is not a standard procedure/operation in the ADM1 framework. The third party application must contain customized code to implement the "hide-page" functionality. 
Error MessageError "hide-page” was not found. (293)
Defect/Enhancement Number
This issue is not related to OpenEdge core products.

It's related  with a customization that has gone missing in the current environment.
It might be necessary to re-implement the  "hide-page” functionality in the current environment. 
Another possible cause could be either that the customized ADM1 code was not properly moved over to the current environment, or PROPATH settings were unintendedly changed in such a way they can no longer be found.

Contact application provider for further assistance.
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