Unable to open DBname.LIC name, errno = 13. (1295)

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Progress 9.1x
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Unable to open DBname.LIC name, errno = 13. (1295)
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The error can occur for two reasons:1) The Progress database files (including the DBname.LIC file) presently reside on an NFS mounted filesystem. Thus, after the database is initially started the permission to write to the DBname.LIC file is blocked. - or -2) The Progress database broker executable (_mprosrv) does not have it's SUID bit set.
1) Store/Run the Progress database files from a non-NFS mounted filesystem. - or -2) On non-NFS mounted filesystems, be sure the SUID bit is set on the Progress database broker executable (_mrposrv). Example: -rwsrwxr-x 1 root rdl 1693006 Jun 6 2001 _mprosrv
References to Written Documentation: Progress Knowledge Base Solution 12538, "Progress and UNIX Permissions Correcting errno 13"
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