Which Progress products can be downloaded for free?

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EnvironmentProgress 9.1C
OpenEdge 10.X, 11.X
All Supported Operating Systems
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Which Progress products can be downloaded for free?
Which deployment products are available?
Where to find the Progress NameServer product?
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Progress offers various evaluation products and additional deployment components for free download.

I. Free evaluations licenses include:

Fathom™ Management
Progress® Fathom™ is an application management tool focused on the operational effectiveness of Progress applications. Fathom Management optimizes the availability and performance of applications through system monitoring, alerting, and automatic handling of corrective actions. Download a free evaluation copy now. To successfully evaluate Fathom Management Version 2.0 with a Progress Version 9.1C database, please download the latest 9.1C patch.

SonicMQ® Messaging Platform
The Progress OpenEdge™ platform includes integration services delivered by the state-of-the-art SonicMQ® messaging platform. Download the SonicMQ Developer Edition from and start building and testing applications free of charge.

II. Free Progress® deployment components include:

For more flexibility when deploying Progress applications, you can download the following executables for all currently supported platforms and CPU types.

Progress® WebClient™ Executables
The Progress® WebClient™ is a 4GL GUI client that lets you deploy Progress applications remotely-over the Web, intranet, extranet, WAN or LAN. WebClient is available for 32-bit Microsoft Windows. See the WebClient Datasheet for more information.

Progress WebClient
Progress AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA)
The AIA implements privacy, data integrity and tunneling of data between Progress 4GL clients, including WebClient and AppServers™ through firewalls. It allows users to build protection and security into client/AppServer communications.

AppServer Internet Adapter
Progress NameServer Executables
The Progress NameServer directs client requests to available AppServers, WebSpeed® Transaction Servers, SonicMQ® Adapters, depending on your configuration. The NameServer handles load balancing through your distributed architecture. The NameServer is available for all of the operating systems and CPUs for which Progress is currently shipping.

SQLClient Access for version 10 of Progress.

Progress NameServer
WebSpeed Messenger Executables
The WebSpeed Messenger provides communication links between the Web server and the WebSpeed Transaction Server (that is, the WebSpeed Broker, and associated WebSpeed Agents). The Messenger is available for all Web server types that WebSpeed supports.

WebSpeed Messenger files include:

When generating a Proxy for a Java client on UNIX using Batch ProxyGen, you will need to include the versioninfo.dll and slib_env files in addition to the other files copied from your Windows system install. The verinfo.tar file contains the individual versioninfo.dll and slib_env files located under their corresponding UNIX platform directories.

Other Versions
For product versions that are Retired (as defined by the Progress Product Life Cycle), please contact Progress Technical Support.

Please note that the current commercial release (at this time) is available for download in the above components.

The downloads can be obtained on the Progress Software Technical Support web site by selecting Support in the menu and then selecting Electronic Software Download (ESD) in the right hand side of the screen under Support Resources and Community links.  The AIA product is a deployment product and as such you can download it for free if you have access to the ESD site.  Under the software list you will see Progress Deployment  Components.  Select it and in the following list select AppServer Internet Adapter.  That will provide a list of the current installs and a tab for previous installs as well.  Select the install version you need and then download the product for the desired platform and get the serial number and control codes found on that page.
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