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000088073 - SiteSync fails with the exception: Unable to find parent of type Telerik.Sitefinity.Pages.Model.PageNode with ID XXXXXXX
Article - March 24, 2018
000085930 - Unable to switch to the new editing interface in Sitefinity
Article - March 23, 2018
When trying to switch Sitefinity to the new editing UI by going to Administration > Switch to the new interface, a screen with message "Access denied" appears even though the currently logged user has Administrator role.
000088069 - Max date on web service not inclusive
Article - March 23, 2018
Max date on web service not inclusive
000088067 - Widget not consistently showing up
Article - March 23, 2018
Widget is not rendered when editing a page template
000088063 - Search showing multiple translations of items
Article - March 23, 2018
How to display localized search results
000083433 - Upgrade issue "Value cannot be null."
Article - March 23, 2018
When upgrading Sitefinity results in error "Value cannot be null." on startup
000088060 - Delete all the content from sites in multi site setup using code
Article - March 23, 2018
This article explains how to delete all the content from sites in multi site setup using code
000083502 - Forums notifications sends duplicate emails to subscribers in Sitefinity 10
Article - March 23, 2018
Since after upgrade from 7.1 to 10.1 the forums module has been sending duplicate emails to subscribers. 
000088057 - Does Lucene search support PDF and docx formats
Article - March 23, 2018
Can the Lucene-based search index the content of PDF and .docx files stored as Documents?
000088051 - Activate multisite for a site using site sync on more than one environment
Article - March 23, 2018
This article provides information on how to activate multisite in environment that uses site sync to move