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Announcing the Downloadable Progress Knowledge Base (ProKB)!

PROGRESS Technical Support
What is ProKB?
ProKB is a Windows-based, OpenEdge application that allows you to browse a snapshot of the Progress Knowledge Base offline. It can be freely downloaded and installed on your computer. It includes an OpenEdge run-time only license, full GUI functionality and a local database containing the entire knowledge base as it was on the date it was downloaded. This is a standalone application and does not require that you have any other Progress products or licenses installed. Unlike a prior version which contained only OpenEdge knowledge articles, the new version contains articles for all Progress product lines. ProKB is updated daily with the latest knowledge base articles and can be downloaded here.

Last Updated Articles

000130517 - Cannot generate Sitemap due to duplicate keys
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
Sitemap Generator cannot generate the sitemap-index.xml by due to: An item with the same key has already been added
000193864 - Hiding section in Title and properties
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
How can a section be hidden from users in the Title and Properties section of a page?
000193859 - Forms email address validation not accepting apostrophe character even after upgrading to version 12.2.
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
Apostrophe is not allowed in Forms email address
000111387 - Add <lastmod> tag to every entry in the Sitemap
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
How to add <lastmod> tag to the entries in the Sitemap generated by Sitefinity
000117195 - "Allow comments" is enabled when comments for module are Disabled
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
"Allow comments" is enabled when comments for module are Disabled
000193853 - Backend Search Bar does not clear selected items from previous search
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
When working with content items in the backend pages and the search bar, it will not clear any selected items from a previous search.
000193850 - Forms: Rename 'Other' label in Multiple Choice and Checkbox widgets
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
This article provides information on how to update the text of the 'Other' option in a form
000134167 - AdminApp: Include in Sitemap field not showing up for content types
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
Include in Sitemap field is not visible in the New Content Editing Experience
000193849 - Rebuilding database model when adding a new property
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
Does sitefinity need to rebuild the database schema to recognize the changes
000193845 - AdminApp: Cannot duplicate page and child pages if the later uses custom URL
Knowledge - July 10, 2020
An article describing a bug in Sitefinity associated with duplicating pages along with their child pages.