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Announcing the Downloadable Progress Knowledge Base (ProKB)!

PROGRESS Technical Support
What is ProKB?
ProKB is a Windows-based, OpenEdge application that allows you to browse a snapshot of the Progress Knowledge Base offline. It can be freely downloaded and installed on your computer. It includes an OpenEdge run-time only license, full GUI functionality and a local database containing the entire knowledge base as it was on the date it was downloaded. This is a standalone application and does not require that you have any other Progress products or licenses installed. Unlike a prior version which contained only OpenEdge knowledge articles, the new version contains articles for all Progress product lines. ProKB is updated daily with the latest knowledge base articles and can be downloaded here.

Last Updated Articles

000099089 - How to render tags list as dropdown
Article - October 19, 2019
How to add additional option to render the Tags as dropdown in MVC classification widget
000099085 - Search: What installation is needed to use the different search services in Sitefinity?
Article - October 18, 2019
How to install Lucene, Elasticsearch, or Azure search to use them in Sitefinity?
000099082 - Resource package custom files being removed on build
Article - October 18, 2019
Custom changes are overwritten and lost when building the project in Visual Studio
000099072 - 'System.Web.HttpException' : The file 'xxx.aspx' does not exist.
Article - October 18, 2019
Trying to look for a file and it does not exist
000099076 - How to restore Deleted Templates
Article - October 18, 2019
Is it possible to restore a deleted template from the recycle bin?
000099070 - Multilingual: Translating a page based on a custom layout renders no widgets
Article - October 18, 2019
This article provides information regarding a problem when translating a page based on custom layout.
000071880 - Cannot delete template created from Feather packages
Article - October 18, 2019
An error is thrown when deleting a Page template via the UI
000099065 - How to inherit the layout of one page template to another.
Article - October 17, 2019
How to inherit the layout of one page template to another.
000099064 - List items show up blank after upgrade
Article - October 17, 2019
000099061 - Moving Content blocks between layout columns is not taking effect
Article - October 17, 2019
When Multilanguage is enabled, moving Content blocks between layouts does not invalidate cache. ​​​​​​​When Multilanguage is enabled and new content editing is disabled, moving Content blocks between layouts does not take effect on the frontend