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PROMON sessions cannot be disconnected

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Article Number000052723
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: All supported platforms
OS: All supported versions
Question/Problem Description
A PROMON session cannot disconnect another PROMON session.
A PROMON session cannot be disconnected with PROSHUT.
Disconnecting a PROMON session with: proshut dbname -C disconnect <promon_user_num> fails with error 6799.
How to disconnect a forgotten PROMON session that prevents a database from being restarted?
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error MessageUser <num> not logged on . (6799)
Defect/Enhancement NumberEnhancement PSC00311756
Processes that cannot be disconnected via PROMON and the way promon/proshut -C disconnect currently functions are:
  1. Database Servers,
  2. Login Brokers and
Upgrade to OpenEdge 11.5.0, where Enhancement PSC00311756 was implemented for PROMON users.

While a PROMON user (MON) still cannot disconnect themselves from their current PROMON session:
a.  A promon user (MON) can disconnect another PROMON Session through: PROMON > 8. Shut Down Database > 1  Disconnect a User
b.  A promon user can be disconnected with: proshut -C disconnect user <user num of MON user>
c.  Prior to 11.5 a promon user could not be disconnected, except by Quitting the session themselves and would otherwise prevent database startup (error 1260) until their promon session was stopped. From OpenEdge 11.5, when a promon user is disconnected through either methods above,  the promon user will be flagged for being disconnected, User 5 disconnect initiated. (6796), but not be logged out until they quit their current menu session or when the database is shut down.
d.  If the database is a managed database, stop it with 'proshut -by' instead of dbman -stop or though the OE console. For further information refer to Article: 000052723, PROMON or PROSHUT sessions remain running after dbman -stop   
PROMON sessions can only be terminated by quitting the current session.
If run with a batch repetitively, quit termination needs to be considered in the scripting.

Killing a PROMON process against a running database is inadvisable as it is likely to cause database down if for example latching is enabled in the execution.
Once the database has been confirmed shutdown, the sessions can be terminated.
Last Modified Date1/10/2019 12:46 PM