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OEManager is not installed during tcman create

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Article Number000083366
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.5.x,11.6.x,11.7.x
OS: All supported platforms
Question/Problem Description
OEManager is not installed during tcman/pasman create.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error MessageFrom Progress Developer Studio:

Publishing failed
The oemanager web application is not accessible
URL invoked: http://localhost:9090/oem/containers/localmachine/pas/localhost:resource.openedge.pas.oepas1/applications/oepas1/agents/sessions
Defect/Enhancement Number
This is expected behavior. Creation of a PAS instance does not automatically create the OEM interface for the PAS as it is unknown if the user intends to use the OEM interface.
cd %CATALINA_BASE% (like c:\openedgework\oepas1)
bin\tcman.bat deploy -u user:password %DLC%\servers\pasoe\extras\oemanager.war
cd $CATALINA_BASE (like /usr/wrk/oepas1)
bin/ deploy -u user:password $DLC/servers/pasoe/extras/oemanager.war

There are important differences about PASOE Production versus PASOE Development, like all transports (APSV, SOAP, REST, WEB) are disabled by default in PASOE Production and enabled in PASOE Development,  the same thing for publishing applications from a PDSOE (Developer Studio) to a PASOE Production instance  not supported once oemanager application is not installed in a PASOE Production instance by default for security purposes.  For more information about these differences refer to the Article: 
Last Modified Date3/29/2019 8:16 AM