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How and where to set the EVTLEVEL environment variable

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Article Number000020252
EnvironmentProduct: Progress
Version: 9.x
Product: OpenEdge
Version: 10.x, 11.x
OS: Windows
Question/Problem Description
How and where to set the EVTLEVEL environment variable?
How and where to set the -evtlevel client parameter?
How to do not get Progress messages in the Event Log?
How to disable message be written by Progress to Event Viewer log?
How to stop Progress sessions logging messages in the Event Viewer?
How to configure Progress to write less or more to the Windows Event Log?
What does the EVTLEVEL environment variable do?
What does -evtlevel startup parameter do?
What does setting the EVTLEVEL environment variable to None do?
What does setting the startup parameter -evtlevel to Brief do?
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The EVTLEVEL System Environment Variable can be set to specify the level of information that Progress writes to Windows Application Event Logs.  The EVTLEVEL environment variable must be set as a System Environment variable
Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > Environment Variables > System variables

EVTLEVEL values include:
  • none: No Progress events are written to the Event Log.
  • brief: Progress Error and Warning messages are written to the Event Log.
  • normal: Progress Error and Warning messages are written to the Event Log along with any Progress message that is normally written to the log file (.lg). This is the default.
  • full: Progress Error, Warning, and Informational messages are written to the Event Log along with any messages generated by the Message Statement.

Note: The environment variable and its value are case-sensitive. Define the variable as EVTLEVEL (in all upper case), while the value should be in lower case, as above.

Alternatively, the Database and Client Sessions can also be started with a specific event level using the Event Level startup parameter (-evtlevel)  e.g. -evtlevel none.
This performs the same function as setting the EVTLEVEL System Environment variable and overides it.
Example: For WebSpeed, add this parameter at the end of the Agent startup parameters in the Broker definition.

There used to be a problem placing -evtlevel in the client's .pf file (Defect OE00100961), this was fixed in Progress 9.1E, OpenEdge 10.1A

Setting the parameter or environment variable to "none" only stops processes from writing to the Event Viewer Log file.  All error messages associated with the Progress database and it’s clients will continue to be written to the database log file or Server/Broker log files.

Prior to OpenEdge 11.7.3, when databases are managed by the AdminServer, do not set 'Windows Event Level' in OE Console database configuration pages. This will cause ABL client-server logins to fail. Refer to Article 000016339, Error 1890 after setting 'Windows Event Level' in OpenEdge Explorer   

References to Other Documentation:

Progress Database Administration Guide and Reference, PART II Administration, 16.3.1 "Managing Progress Events on Windows

OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration, Logged Data, Event logging in Windows
Last Modified Date4/20/2018 10:57 AM