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PASOE installation does not install the AdminServer

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Article Number000086442
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.5, 11.6, 11.7
OS: Windows
Other: PASOE
Question/Problem Description
How to create, start and stop PASOE instances after "PASOE - only" Progress installation?
How to configure, start, stop, a PASOE instance without the OpenEdge Explorer?

Why is there no AdminServer to start after installing Progress AppServer license on Windows.
Unable to use OpenEdge Explorer after installing Progress AppServer license on Windows.
No OpenEdge Explorer available after installing a Progress Dev AS for OE license

When only installing a PASOE license there is no option for installing the OpenEdge Explorer.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number
Installing Progress AppServer will only install PASOE functionality. As the PASOE products can be installed stand-alone they do not require the Adminserver, which is why this license does not include the AdminServer.

To configure, start, stop, a PASOE instance without the OpenEdge Explorer:

This can be done via the command line: tcman or oeprop commands.

Progress Application Server for OpenEdge Configuration

To use OpenEdge Explorer to configure start, stop, a PASOE instance:

To use the OpenEdge Explorer tool, a Progress license that includes the AdminServer must be installed with the PASOE license.
For example NameServer, OE RDBMS Database license, PDSOE - Progress Developer Studio for OE.

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Last Modified Date6/20/2019 8:34 AM