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Considerations when upgrading from OpenEdge 11 to a later OpenEdge 11 version.

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TitleConsiderations when upgrading from OpenEdge 11 to a later OpenEdge 11 version.
URL NameConsiderations-when-upgrading-from-OpenEdge-11-to-a-later-OpenEdge-11-version
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EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.x
OS: All supported platforms
Other: Upgrade
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Considerations when upgrading between versions 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5, 11.6, 11.7.
Upgrade considerations for OpenEdge 11.x to a later minor version
Migrating between minor released in OpenEdge 11.
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The following are a few considerations when upgrading from one 11.x release to another on the same machine.
This Article is not designed to identify all upgrade steps that need to be performed.  Instead the purpose of this Article is to make the reader aware of areas for consideration when upgrading from one release to another release in the same major version ie.  OpenEdge 11.x.

  1. Shutdown the databases being used prior to migration:  proshut dbname -by or dbman -i -stop
This can be done by simply:
proshut <dbname> [-by]
Unless the database was started using the AdminService (i.e. dbman or thru OEE/OEM)
dbman <config> -stop
Relevant Knowledgebase Articles:
  1. Truncate the bi file:  proutil dbname -C truncate bi
​Relevant Knowledgebase Articles:
  1. Ensure a valid backup prior to migration.
Relevant Knowledgebase Articles:
  • Stop all Ubrokers (NameServer, AppServers, Webspeed etc.) using the appropriate *man command for the Broker.  Example:  wtbman -stop, asbman -stop, nsman -stop
  • Stop the AdminServer.  Example:  proadsv -stop
Property files:
  • ​Backup properties files in $DLC/properties or %DLC%\properties as this information may be needed when migrating to the later release.  Example:,, etc.
OpenEdge Management:
  • Backup the fathom.db if historical trending information will be needed.  It is an OpenEdge database so the steps identified above apply.
  • Backup the OpenEdge (Fathom) Management configuration information.  See Article:   How to upgrade OpenEdge Management?
General Info:
  • Remove or archive the older version of OpenEdge.
Relevant Knowledgebase Articles:
  • Install the newer version of OpenEdge in either the same or new directory.
  • Review the Release Notes for the new commercial release and their service pack versions via the OpenEdge Documentation site.
Property files: OpenEdge Management:
  • Reload the OpenEdge (Fathom) Management configurations that were dumped earlier.  This can be done with the fathom -load command. 
Databases (including the fathom trend database):
  • There isn't a convert utility to use when upgrading between major releases, ie from one OpenEdge 11 release to another OpenEdge 11 release.  
  • Starting the database will update the version information in the database.
  • Typically there is a need to update VST (Virtual System Tables) for these databases that may have been added to the newer release.  The offline utility is:  proutil dbname -C updatevst

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