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Receive 752 756 errors when scanning or validating after image files ai files


TitleReceive 752 756 errors when scanning or validating after image files ai files
URL NameP27290
Article Number000140937
EnvironmentProduct: Progress OpenEdge
Version: All supported versions
OS: All supported platforms
Question/Problem Description
Errors 752 756 508 11014 when scanning AI files: RFUTIL -C aimage scan [ verbose ]
Validating after image files against a dummy database before they are applied fails with errors 752 756 508 11014: rfutil -C aiverify [ full | partial ] -ailist ailist.txt
Steps to Reproduce1. prodb fool empty
rfutil fool -C aimage scan -a muppet.a1

2. load the .df of the originating db
rfutil fool -C aiverify partial -a muppet.a1

3. add ai files
rfutil fool -C aiverify full -ailist ailist.txt
Clarifying Information
Scanning AI files against an empty database that contains the Schema from the original database
RFUTIL -C VERIFY is the ai equivalent to dbscan.
Error MessageInvalid after image version number found in ai file header. Please verify your Progress version, OS version, or AI block size are correct. (752)
This is not a Progress ai file (756)
AI file cannot be used with this database. (508)
roll forward open <path>\ error: -1. (11014)
Defect Number
Enhancement Number
The AI blocksize of the newly created database being used to scan or verify the AI file is different than the AI blocksize of the database where the AI file was produced.
AI blocksize of database being used to scan or validate after image files, must have the same as the AI blocksize of the database where the AI file was produced.

To change the After Image Blocksize: 

1.  The easiest way to confirm the aiblocksize is to run the describe utility against the originating database:

$   proutil prod -C describe

OpenEdge Database Description

Database Name               : D:\prgs\wrk\123\aiarc\prod
Version                     : 184.0
Block Size                  : 8192
Largest Cluster             : 64
Create Date                 : Thu Nov 25 22:23:43 2021
Last Open Date              : Fri Nov 26 00:33:29 2021
Prior Open Date             : Fri Nov 26 00:33:29 2021
Schema Change Date          : Sat Oct 17 02:51:23 2020

Before Imaging information
  Block Size                : 16384
  Cluster Size (16K Units)  : 1024
  Last Open Date            : Thu Nov 25 23:42:59 2021

After Imaging Information
  Block Size                : 16384
  Begin Date                : Thu Nov 25 22:23:49 2021
  Last AIMAGE NEW           : Thu Nov 25 22:35:14 2021
  Currently Busy Area       : 13
  Current File Number       : 1313
2.   Change the AI block size to match the originating database the ai files were created against: 
$   rfutil dbname -C aimage truncate -aiblocksize size
For -aiblocksize size, specify the size of the AI read and write block in kilobytes.
The minimum value allowed is the size of the database block. Valid values are 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16.
If you specify 0, Progress uses the default size (8K)

To create a dummy database to  scan or validate ai files:
GOTO Comment
1. setting the same aiblocksize does not need ai extents added
    echo a . >
    prostrct add dummy
2. the .df does not beed to be loaded
3. the db dblockize or biclustersize/biblocksize does not need to be the same
The following provides scan/verify examples

CALL prodb dummy empty
CALL rfutil dummy -C aimage truncate -aiblocksize 16384
CALL rfutil dummy -C aimage scan -a muppet.a2
CALL rfutil dummy -C aiverify partial -a muppet.a2
CALL rfutil dummy -C aiverify full -a muppet.a2
CALL rfutil dummy -C aimage blockdump -a muppet.a2

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